VYL Media Review

VYL MediaVYL Media is spreading its wings to VoIP service provider’s market at a great pace. This fact is proved when in May 2009, VYL Media took over VoipYourLife. Although it has not become so popular as Verizon or Vonage, yet it provides excellent customer support and great offers for its customers.

The service is widely spread and includes 30 major countries with USA, Canada as well. To start with you need to pay a setup fee of $19.95 along with tax of $9.95 only. Once you have completed with the setup procedure, you can opt for any the available offers which suits you the best. VYL Media offers a Basic plan with a monthly commitment of just $14.97. With this plan you get call rates of 2.4 cents every minute only. You can also select Premier Unlimited plan with just $23.97 and start making unlimited outbound calls anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. If you need to make unlimited calls to all of the 30 countries, then opt for Global Unlimited Annual Plan of just $287.70 excluding tax.

Of course VYL media may not be the cheapest but it will undoubtedly sound cheap when you see the limited number of extra fees added.

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