VoIPDiscount Review

VoipdiscountVoipdiscount.com is one of the cheapest voip service providers. It offers free trail call for a total of 60 minutes. These free calls can be made only to one of the countries listed below:

Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria (+mobile), Barbados (+mobile), Barbados, Canada, Croatia (+mobile), Croatia, Cyprus, Czech republic, Denmark , Finland, Georgia (+mobile), Hong kong (+mobile), Hungary, Iceland, Israel (+mobile), Japan, Norway, moscow, Slovenia, South korea, Taiwan, Thailand and United states

If you like the service, you can register with them, by credits and extend the free calls period for another 120 days. As a registered user, you can make calls to these free destinations for upto 300 minutes per week and per unique IP. If this limit is increased or once the free days are over, then normal call rate apply. You can get new Freedays by buying credit.

Other than that, VoIPDiscount.com offers cheapest call rate ($ 0.0099/min inclusive of VAT) for calling India. So, its the best service to make cheapest calls to India.

The credit in your account never expires; so you may use this money to make calls to countries that are not free. Further, there is no connection fee or annual or monthly maintenance fee charged.

To Make calls using VoIP Discount, you can use:

  • Local Access number available in your country: This works like calling cards. Advantage is that you can call anytime using Fixed line and GSM mobile phones. Disadvantage is that you need to pay for local calls to your Telecom operator in addition to what you pay to VoIP Discount. Also, Local access numbers are not available in all countries.
  • Use browser window: This option is for those who don’t want to install any software on their PC and smartphones. I don’t recommend it as it results in higher calling cost.
  • Download and install Official Softphone on your PC: This is the best method of making international calls. However disadvantage is that you may not be able to call your friends when you don’t have your laptop with you or when you are not in wifi range or 3G network.
  • Use MobileVoip app: This works in similar fashion as above. The only difference is that this app works with smartphones like android, iphone, blackberry, windows phone or symbian phone.

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