VoIP Free Calls – Easy Steps to Use FWD VoIP

VoIP Free Calls – Easy Steps to Use FWD VoIPAre you searching for VoIP Free Calls service providers? Here is how to connect to one of them and enjoy VoIP Free Calls that they offer!

Cutting down the size of the problem, processing them when they are small to get a simple yet big solution for the big problem is probably the best approach to solve any problem in the universe. This is the principle behind VoIP technology that allows you to make free calls too. FWD is one such online service provider who uses VoIP to allow us to call any telephone across the globe for free if they too are connected with them.

To initiate this offer, make sure you have a good broadband internet of minimum 100Kbps speed. This is crucial for connecting to the service. If you have a slower connection, this is the time to upgrade. Have a nice Headphone with microphone set. You can either use your computer or use an FWD certified VoIP phone to connect to the service. Connect your phone well with all cables and power adapter. Then you will have to set the phone to standard configuration settings. You are almost ready.

Go to freeworlddialup.com and register yourself and also update your profile to get your FWD number and password. Use fwd.pulver.com as your domain, fwd.pulver.com:5060 as your SIP proxy and for your outbound proxy use fwdnat.pulver.com:5082. Set your Listen SIP port to 5060 and Listen RTP port to 8000. That is all that you will have to do initially to set up the network. After setting it up, make an echo test by calling yourself by using the ‘Call me’ option in the website. If your phone springs into life the next moment, you can be sure that you are connected.

Now internet is not so much fun and information alone, but also a free telephone network. Enjoy your VoIP free calls.

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