VoIP Calls to Now Use 3G Technology

VoIP Calls to Now Use 3G TechnologyVoIP is also known Voice Over Internet protocol and is a novel way of communicating over phones and make cheap calls in India or international supported by an internet broadband connection. The advantages of the VoIP phone being used in personal computers, phones and mobiles is already common knowledge. But the latest advancement in the world of technology is the usage of 3G for VoIP in iPhones. Vopium, the 3G service provider, has made a great breakthrough by enabling a messaging application that will support the iPhone for VoIP featuring the 3G technology for the communication.

The Vopium application will use the 3G feature of iPhone to enable VoIP calls to other VoIP enabled devices. More importantly, if the iPhone is Wi-Fi enabled then Vopium will help make free calls to other users on Skype, Gtalk and Vopium. A great step forward is the approval that Vopium has received from iPhone. One can now download Vopium directly from the iPhone store itself making its availability very ease. Another advantage of this application that brings VoIP to iPhone is the enabling of messenger services or IM environment on iPhone using which one can now connect to msn, Skype, yahoo, Gtalk and twitter, a social networking site making communication and socializing even more easy.

This technological breakthrough also comes with a fair set of promotional offers. One of them is that if you take the Vopium application from the iPhone store right now, you will get up to 30 free SMS and free calls worth 30 minutes. You must ensure that the automatic setting of 3G VoIP calls is disabled in your phone and you can start at your will by connecting in 3 ways including  3G, Wi-Fi or the normal mode.

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