Unlimited Pakistan Calling Plan – TalkPakistan.net

Unlimited Pakistan Calling Plan - TalkPakistan.netEver since Telephone Pakistan has stopped its unlimited calling offers to Pakistan, it was really troublesome for Pakistani people. TalkPakistan comes as a boon to them. The process of execution is very simple. What they do is that they offer you with Pakistani Virtual Number popularly known as DID. Just forward it to your friends in USA, Canada or UK, so that you may dial the virtual number and your calls will be forwarded to that specific number.

Additional features of this service include that you need not require any extra hardware like the ATA and this service can be used even without the computer too. You can opt of either of two plans viz; Residential plan, in which with a monthly commitment of $29.99, you get access to unlimited free incoming calls and Business Plan, under which you can not only receive free unlimited incoming, but also make 500 free outgoing calls only by paying $20 more.

So as it is clear there is no long term commitment and the best part is that you can terminate your account any time. So give it a try.

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