Unlimited Free Calls to India with Telifu

free callsVoIP technology is the next level of communication. Telifu is comparatively new VoIP service provider and it offers unlimited free calls to India. It was thought by many that Telifu provides USA based service which can also be used to make free calls to India. So, a telifu adapter will be sent to India and you and your loved ones can make free calls by using the adapter. The service provider offers few very good schemes which are as follows:

  • Bronze India Plan: If you select this plan, you need to maintain a monthly commitment of just $9.99 and get access to unlimited incoming calls. However the rate of outgoing calls will be 2.1 cents every minute.
  • Gold India Plan: With a monthly commitment of $16.99, get access to unlimited incoming calls to India and make outgoing calls to USA/ Canada absolutely free of cost.
  • Platinum India plan: The plan requires a monthly commitment of only $19.99. With this plan you can receive unlimited incoming calls to India and make unlimited outgoing calls to USA/ Canada. The additional feature of this plan is that you can decide and select the USA area code you prefer.
  • Freedom USA: With this plan, you get unlimited calls to USA and Canada and get 1300 minutes free just for making calls to India. The monthly rental is $18.99 only.

Though the plans look fine to any customer, yet there are few other aspects which you need to look at before opting for this service. It makes no sense for using a telifu adapter when you can easily use a Linksys adapter in India, create a IPCall number and start making unlimited calls from USA to that number. Apart from this, there are few other things which need to be looked at:

  • For every plan mentioned above, the activation fees of $29.99 need to be paid along with shipping charge of $9.99
  • You get just 15 days as your trial period.
  • Trial period means 250 minutes free calling with a validity of 30 days. If you don’t like the service, you have to return the adapter within 14 days or else you’ll be charged$69.99 as a recovery fees.

Also, without a proper broadband connection, this facility is useless. So think before you invest your hard earned money in telifu…

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  1. deepu
    October 11, 2010 at 5:57 pm #

    i like this free call…. thank you

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