Unlimited calls within JumperTel VoIP at $1/mo

JumperTelThe latest entry in the VoIP market is the JumperTel. One can’t write it off easily for its many features which will leave you wondering. In the initial stages it has shown strong signs of fight with the other leaders in the niche. One can expect an adrenaline pumping war between the VoIP giants and JumperTel.

In the VoIP based phone service offered by the JumperTel one needs to pay only $12 a year to avail the calling benefits. With the $12 you can make unlimited free international calls to other JumperTel subscribers all over the world. JumperTel is using the SIP specifications to lure more users to its base and enhance the services.

Some features of JumperTel VoIP:

  • After signing-up one needs to pay $1 only per month (totalling $12 a year). You will be provided with a jumperphone 100 (USB based VOIP Phone). It will cost you $21.99. Now worries, it’s a one-time cost. Moreover you will be provided with a unique JumperTel phone number.
  • A good feature is that one can use its services even in countries where VoIP is blocked. If the JumperPhone 100 detects that your ISP is blocking the VoIP then the JumperTel software will suggest the use of the VPN software. After installing the software you need to restart the JumperPhone 100 so that the changes take effect.

As of now, there are not much negative reviews about the services of JumperTel. But it’s too early to predict its future intentions.

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One Response to“Unlimited calls within JumperTel VoIP at $1/mo”

  1. Gerald Nicolas
    February 27, 2011 at 7:45 am #

    i buy jumpertell is not working, i dont know is going wrong with jumpertell phone
    i am nicolas call me to tell me so

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