The India-centric story of

IndiaminutesFierce competition and the world of VoIP service providers are the two sides of the same coin. To exist or sustain in the VoIP market a service provider must come up with some extraordinary or unique features. Otherwise, some other provider will kick it out. It seems that has realized it pretty well.

From the very first moment of its entry into the world of VoIP service providers it has started delivering value in terms of better call rates and quality services. But it has approached the market riding on the potential of the India based calls. It has planned its business plans in such a manner so as to completely utilize the non-resident Indian population. This stand is quite profitable as of late more and more Indians are moving to the West for career and lifestyle reasons. Moreover with the increasing access to the technological innovations the resident Indians are now able to communicate frequently with the non-resident ones and vice-versa. So, in the process now-a-day the non-resident Indians feel encouraged to contact their native people back home in a regular manner.

The call rates to the Indian mobile and landline numbers are very low in the ranges of 1.9 cents per minutes to 2.9 cents per minute hence making it a good bet to make cheap calls to India

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