Telcan VoIP – Cheap unlimited calls to India $29.99 month

Telecan VoIP services are something which is in high craze nowadays. But before investing in any VoIP services, you should be very carefully as VoIP providers are launching every week and getting vanished very soon. One such service providers is telcan .com. This article aims at providing you all the necessary details of this provider. Recently has launched a special offer of providing unlimited calls to India for a monthly commitment of just $29.99.
What should you know before going for

  • When you join for communicating, you have to pay $29.99 as a onetime starting fee…
  • Paid customers need to maintain a monthly rental of $34 ($29.99 + $4 tax), till you are using the service…
  • VoIP service is offered via local access number only.
  • The best part of the service is that, you don’t have to sign or maintain any contract with That means you can cancel the service anytime without paying any cancellation fees.
  • With the unlimited India Plan of just $29.99, you can actually dial any landline or mobile phone in India absolutely free and there are no hidden charges.

Although apart from these points and also being good at phone at email support, is not that much preferred because of the following points:

  • It doesn’t have any SIP service.
  • As said before it can be used only if you have a local access number. So you have to register one number as your access number or else you cannot avail the service.
  • It doesn’t offer allow a local number for all the parts of USA.

Since calls have to originate from a fixed pre-decided access number, you can never share the plan you are using with your known circle of people. Also $34 per month is too expensive and that too with this price you get not more than 25 hours as your monthly talk time, which is very low for a VoIP service.
So think before you leap !!

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