12 Voip Review Its Pros and Cons

As the name suggests, 12voip.com is a VoIP service provider and it offers great quality internet calls at very competitive prices especially for countries like Bangladesh, UAE and Turkey. With 12voip.com you get 90 Free Days to call certain destinations when you recharge your account with € 10. The Free destinations included are:- Argentina, Australia, […]

Easyvoip Review

Easyvoip.com is a simple and straight VoIP service that comes with no free minutes but it offers cheapest calling rates for maximum number of countries. It is the only Betamax/Dellmont service that does not come with free calls offer. And this is an advantage for people calling countries that are never included in free plan […]

Simplify your Life with VOXOX

No one likes clutter, and with technology constantly changing, there are more and more ways to stay organized and de-clutter your life. VOXOX is a great option for those of you looking to not only have the opportunity to make phone calls for ridiculously affordable prices, but also do much more. With VOXOX, you can […]

Rynga VoIP Review

Rynga VoIP is a Betamax/Dellmont Company and its services are largely similar to rest of the voip websites run by Betamax. The only difference usually is the call rate and number of free countries included. So it is prudent to select one among several Betamax/Dellmont services based on whether or not your country(where you make maximum calls) […]

Cut Monthly Telephone Bills with Yupee Phone

Most of us have to make long international phone calls and pay huge amounts to telephone companies for the same. But if you are looking for a way to cut your monthly billing costs to a great extent, try using VoIP services. Yupee phone is one of the various such service providers which are receiving […]

Free International Calls With Opomi VoIP Services

One can enjoy free international calls with every top up credit of Opomi VoIP services. It is a nice feature of the service. At a time when other companies in the niche are hiking call rates at regular intervals then it becomes a great challenge for the companies like Opomi to make available cheap international […]

International calls to India at 1.8 cents with PinlessWorld

The VoIP market has been crowded by so many parties that each one of them needs to innovate or show up something different and unique to survive. It seems that PinlessWorld. com has realized it pretty well. So it is providing cheap international calls to its user base via VoIP services. When other service providers […]

Make Quality Calls from Mobile Handset using Myglobaltalk

Every now and then the VoIP market gets abuzz with the entry of new service providers and lowered call rates. It seems that the VoIP providers always try to keep the market hot with some timely shots. But at the end of day the call quality and customer service decide the winner. It seems that […]

Cheap VoIP Calls with Truphone VoIP

Nowadays with more than a dozen of VoIP service providers, you need to worry about your telephone bills. Truphone is one such service provider. Truphone also offers various attractive schemes for attracting customers. These services voice quality depends entirely on your internet connection strength and should never be relied for making emergency calls. In case […]

Cheap calls to USA India with Toktumi

Toktumi is relatively new VoIP company providing free USA incoming calls as well as forwarding services. Because of the added feature that calls from USA call be accepted without any charges, makes the service most appealing. There are two categories of this service viz; Home Office and Small Business VoIP service and you need to […]