Vonage Mobile app For Facebook

If you have a Iphone, IPad or Android phone and have a 3G onnection or wifi internet connection, then you can make free calls to your facebook friends with Vonage Mobile app For Facebook. Vonage Mobile app is a free mobile app for smartphones and Androidâ„¢ devices. This application will allow users to make calls […]

Make Free Calls to USA and Canada using Gmail

Thanks to Google, now it is not just cheap but free to connect to any part of Canada or USA from India. Using phones to place international calls is an outdated thing and a matter of past. What you need to do is get access to internet and place international calls free of charge. Google […]

Free Calls To Hong Kong

Make cheap calls to Hong Kong with VoIP phone and save your hard earned money. Following table provides head on comparison of per minute call rates to Hong Kong. SmartVoIP, Rynga & 12voip offer free calls to HongCong once you have subscribes to their services. For example in case of SmartVoip.com, Once you register an […]

Free International Calls To Ireland

Make unlimited free calls To Ireland from USA or UK or other international destinations using one of the following Voip services. We have compared their call rates per minute for your convenience. Easyvoip offers cheapest call rate but also charges a connection fee of $0.039. Rynga, 12voip and voipdiscount offer free calls to fixed/landline phones […]

VoIP International Calls To Sweden

Make VoIP International Calls to Sweden with VoIP services and save your hard earned money. Following table provides head on comparison of per minute call rates to Sweden. From the table, we find that VoIPDiscount.com provides the best service for making international calls to Sweden. It offers free calls to fixed/landline numbers and cheapest call […]

Free Calls To Spain

Make cheap international calls to Spain using voip service providers listed below. When comparing the per minute calling rates to make international call to Spain, we find that Rynga and 12voip provide the cheapest rates for calling Spain from international destinations. See the whole comparision in the table below:- Service Provider Call Rate Landline Call […]

Free International VoIP Calls To Norway

We have ranked these VoIP services to find the cheapest VoIP calling rate to make cheap international VoIP calls to Norway. Accouring to this comparison, 12voip, voipdiscount and easy voip are some of the better options for making cheap or free calls to Norway. The free calls offered by 12voip.com and voipdiscount.com have a fair […]

Free International Phone Calls To United States

Make free international calls to United States using the voip service providers listed below. We have compared the per minute calling rates to make international phone calls to USA from rest of the world. The choices here are unlimited and GoogleVoice is a clear winner here as its absolutely free as of now and comes […]

Free Calls To Japan

Make free calls to Japan from USA and other countries using the following VoIP Services. The rates are in USD for calls per minute. Based on ths research we come to conclusion that 12voip.com is best service for those who want to make cheap calls to mobile phones in Japan and EasyVoIP is best service […]

Cheap Calls To Germany

Select the best voip service to make Cheap Calls To Germany using the per minute rate comparison table given below. Generally, Rynga, Localphone and Smart VoIP provides best rates for making calls to Germany. Rynga.com and Smartvoip.com even offer free calls (fair use policy applies) to Germany for 90 days or so each time you […]

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