Get 60 Free Minutes To Call Cuba LIMITED TIME

Rebtel recently had a competition. The selected winner would be able to choose which destination would be free to call for 60 minutes for a limited amount of customers. The winner was chosen and they have decided on Cuba. The good news for those of you who need to call Cuba is; Cuba is one […]

Free Calls To Singapore

If you need to make calls to Singapore frequently then you will be happy to know that you can do so free of cost, well almost!. Yes, you can now make Free Calls To Singapore using services of, Rynga or These VoIP companies offer free unlimited calls (fair use apply) to Singapore when […]

Free Calls To Malaysia

Malaysia is amongst few of those asian countries where one can make free international calls from other countries. The best VoIP service to make calls to Malaysia is Rynga VoIP. It is closely followed by Both Rynga and 12voip offer free unlimited calls to landline number in Malaysia to its subscribers. They charge around […]

Free Calls To Greece

You can make unlimited* free calls to Greece by subscribing to Rynga, 12voip or voipdiscount’s service. After you pay for their subscription, you get a fixed period of months to make free calls to fixed/landline phones of Greece. After the free days are over, you pay normal rates to make calls. You can also use […]

FreePhoo App Launches In India

If you’re like me, then I’m sure you’ve become pretty irritated with all the VoIP apps out there, and how they never seem to launch or work properly in India. Today’s our lucky day because I have finally found an app that works wonderfully in India. It’s called FreePhoo and I think you’re going to […]

Humnut is the world’s #1 Free Call Website For Good Reason

Humnut is the most popular free calling website in the world. This company is very unique because not only do they offer you free calls to landlines and mobile phones in 40 destinations, but their website helps you find great deals for other services. These include mobile phones, credit cards, loans, and insurance; as well […]

iCall Offers 5 Minute Phone Calls For Free

Do you want to call your friends, family or kids in united states or Canada for free? If yes, then has a solution for you! As long as you’re calling a phone (either cell or landline) within the United States or Canada, then you will receive unlimited free calls when using iCall. Keep in mind; these […]

Make Free Calls with Rynga

Rynga VoIP can be used to make free calls in two ways. 1. To new customers, Rynga provides first call to international destination for free. To avail this service you just need to register with them with a valid email address and you can take advantage of this free trial call offer. 2. To those who subscribe to […]

Jumblo VoIP Can Save You Money

If you’re on the lookout for a VoIP provider to meet your personal needs, you may be interested in Jumblo. Jumblo is offering new customers the ability to use their service completely free for 3 minutes. All you have to do is head over to their website, type in both your phone number and the […]

FastVoip Adds More FREE Destinations

Today Fast VoIP has announced a great news for its subscribers. The paid customers of Fast VoIP can make free calls to 5 more destinations in addition to existing 13 free destinations worldwide. The new destinations are: Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. So, in all there are 18 destinations where you can make free […]