Make Cheap International Calls with Opmi VoIP

The users of the Opomi VoIP services can make free international calls with every top up credit. We have seen of late the increasing rate of the call services of various VoIP service providers. But moving far from the crowd the Opomi VoIP service provider has stood besides its users and still giving out shockingly […]

Enjoy 7.5 hours free with Pingo VoIP

Pingo is a popular company with billions of users per year. Initially Pingo had high rates for their services. Now they are going to lower price just because they have enough users. In 2010, Pingo comes with a very big offer. By this, you can call to any country freely for more than seven hours.  […]

Lingo VoIP Review – Updated

With Lingo VoIP there are more cons than pros. If you search the internet for complaints against lingo, you will find several of them. This can’t be with out a reason. The advantages of the Lingo VoIP include an International calling plan with unlimited calls to over 45 countries including India, 911 support, very low […]

Make Cheap International Calls to India with Indiaminutes may turn out to be a great service for them who want to make cheap international calls to India. Of late the call rates to India are falling faster from in the western region of the earth. Several factors have led to this development. That’s why services like are coming to the fore […]

Cheap International calls to India with netTALK

netTALK TK6000 is an exclusive and unique service from the closet of the netTALK. netTALK TK6000 is a small sized device. A high speed internet connection is required to avail the services of this device. You can get free local and long distance calls with netTALK TK6000. All calls made to any other netTALK TK6000 […]