Cheapest International Calls To Peru

Make cheapest international calls to Peru using the voip service providers listed below. We have compared the per minute calling rates to make international call to Peru from US or UK:- Do leave us a comment if you know of a VoIP service for making cheap long distance call to Peru that is much cheaper […]

Cheap VoIP Calls To Ukraine

We all know that you can make Cheap Calls To Ukraine from USA or UK or other international destinations by using a voip service rather than calling via a regular phone or mobile. But there are several VoIP companies that offer different rates. So, how to find a cheap and best voip service for making […]

Cheap Internet Phone Calls To Israel

If you want to make cheap internet phone calls to Israel, then using VoIP service is the option to go for. There are several voip services that offer cheap rates to make calls to Israel but is a clear winner amongst them as they offer free calls for a fixed period after you buy […]

Cheap International Calling Plans For UAE, localphone and easyvoip are best service providers for making calls to UAE as they offer good quality and competitive rates. Find the comparison of rest of the services in the table below. Click on the name of service provider if you want to read more about that voip service. Most of the companies have […]

Free International Calls To Thailand

Make free voip calls to Thailand and save your hard earned money. Following table provides head on comparison of per minute international call rates to Thailand. As you will see, there are several services that offer free unlimited(conditions apply) calls to Thailand once you pay a fixed tariff. Such services are a big plus for […]

Cheap Calls To Nigeria

Find the VoIP call rate comparison for making cheap calls to Nigeria. The rates are in USD and for call rate per minute. In case that you know about a better and cheaper service to make Cheap Calls To Nigeria, then do leave a reply and we will update our record. For making cheap calls […]

Cheap Calls To India

For those of you who are looking to find a cheapest VoIP service provider for making international calls to India, we have done a head-on comparison of cheap and best service providers to show you the best options available. Below you’ll find a table where we have compared the rates of 9 service providers and […]

Cheap PC to Mobile VoIP Calls To Lebanon

If you know what VoIP is then you already know that making international calls using VoIP saves you alot of money. But because there are so many VoIP services on offer that people often find it difficult to make a decision. To solve this problem, we have ranked some of the best VoIP services in […]

Free Calls To Japan

Make free calls to Japan from USA and other countries using the following VoIP Services. The rates are in USD for calls per minute. Based on ths research we come to conclusion that is best service for those who want to make cheap calls to mobile phones in Japan and EasyVoIP is best service […]

Cheap Calls To Germany

Select the best voip service to make Cheap Calls To Germany using the per minute rate comparison table given below. Generally, Rynga, Localphone and Smart VoIP provides best rates for making calls to Germany. and even offer free calls (fair use policy applies) to Germany for 90 days or so each time you […]