IndiaLD VoIP Review Cheap Call Rates

If you are browsing for options of late to find out an internet telephony service to make cheap calls to India then IndiaLD can be a good choice. With more Indians shifting to the western region of the world, services like IndiaLD are becoming big hits among users of the VoIP & Calling Cards. At […]

Reliance India Call – Not the Cheapest

Reliance India Call is grabbing the international market with a decent pace. Indians spread all over the world are closely following its development and using the service to make VoIP calls to India. Reliance India Call is a VoIP service offered by the Indian communications giant Reliance Communications Limited. The various features of Reliance India […]

Nimbuzz – A new VoIP Player

The VoIP market is a very lively one. Every now and then new players enter the competition. Then they try to take out a bite out of the cake. Various VoIP providers make tactical moves to beat the opponents in the market. Companies like Betamax increase the call rates of their own sister services to […]

Smart VoIP – A Quality Cheap VoIP Service Provider

Smart VoIP is another endeavour of  Betamax VoIP Company. It offers the opportunity of free international calls to its large user base. Moreover overall the international call rates are quite low here compared to other VoIP providers in the market. The free international VoIP calls can be made to countries including Russia, Thailand, USA, Taiwan, […]

Cheap calls to India with Zenofon VoIP

Zenofon is one of the newest launched VoIP service providers in the market. They also provide few very good features to its customers. They have done calling to USA very easy by giving local access number for dialing and instantly your call gets forwarded to the desired destination number. They provide very cheap rates with […]

Google Voice India Review

Google voice mail is a voicemail like e mail facility. There is voicemail transcription by which one can read what your voicemail says. Google voice can also be used to make cheap international calls. The cost to make call to India is $0.07. It is not the cheapest though. You can forward, embed, or download […]

Use Fring For Better Instant Connectivity

Fring is in business for the last three years in P2P area. It’s a freeware and runs with the operating systems Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android. For starters, Fring is an internet based telephony network which is purely peer-to-peer mobile VoIP based in nature. You can chat and talk with the help of Fring services […]