Cut Monthly Telephone Bills with Yupee Phone

Most of us have to make long international phone calls and pay huge amounts to telephone companies for the same. But if you are looking for a way to cut your monthly billing costs to a great extent, try using VoIP services. Yupee phone is one of the various such service providers which are receiving […]

Make Quality Calls from Mobile Handset using Myglobaltalk

Every now and then the VoIP market gets abuzz with the entry of new service providers and lowered call rates. It seems that the VoIP providers always try to keep the market hot with some timely shots. But at the end of day the call quality and customer service decide the winner. It seems that […]

Lingo VoIP Review – Updated

With Lingo VoIP there are more cons than pros. If you search the internet for complaints against lingo, you will find several of them. This can’t be with out a reason. The advantages of the Lingo VoIP include an International calling plan with unlimited calls to over 45 countries including India, 911 support, very low […]

Cheap calls to USA India with Toktumi

Toktumi is relatively new VoIP company providing free USA incoming calls as well as forwarding services. Because of the added feature that calls from USA call be accepted without any charges, makes the service most appealing. There are two categories of this service viz; Home Office and Small Business VoIP service and you need to […]

Cheapest International Calls with Rebtel VoIP Service

Rebtel has eliminated several loopholes which are prevalent in other VoIP service providers to establish itself well in the VoIP market. In just three steps one can make cheapest international calls via Rebtel. Those are: Fill up the sign-up form in the Rebtel website and fill in your phone number to make calls. No PIN […]

Unlimited calls within JumperTel VoIP at $1/mo

The latest entry in the VoIP market is the JumperTel. One can’t write it off easily for its many features which will leave you wondering. In the initial stages it has shown strong signs of fight with the other leaders in the niche. One can expect an adrenaline pumping war between the VoIP giants and […]

Cheaper international calling rates with VoipGain is one of many VoIP services from Betamax. The new VoIP service is very tempting as it is offering cheaper international calling rates with free international calls to selected destinations. However the strategy is very similar to providing few free calls for advertising themselves and thus easily attracting customers. The attacting advantages of […]

JoiPhone VoiP Review

In the near future the VoIP market will see more fierce competitions among the various service providers. More and more people are switching to VoIP services to cope up with their cheap international calling bills. Moreover since the internet connectivity is a normal thing now-a-day so VoIP has gained a large market share of late. […]

Make Cheap International Calls to India with Indiaminutes may turn out to be a great service for them who want to make cheap international calls to India. Of late the call rates to India are falling faster from in the western region of the earth. Several factors have led to this development. That’s why services like are coming to the fore […]

LocalPhone Best Quality and Cheap Calls to India

LocalPhone is a strong player in the area of VoIP service. Moreover with its continuous journey in the cheap international call area it has become an attraction for a lot of users. This service provider has several access numbers which makes its task easier to go for providing very cheap international calls for months after […]