Some tricks for using Google Voice smartly

Some tricks for using Google Voice smartlyGoogle Voice is undoubtedly one of the biggest achievements in the field of VoIP technology. But to exploit this technology fully you need to know it completely. You can save your local cell phone minutes with the use of Google Voice, as it uses your local cell phone plan minutes. The main advantage is that you can utilize just your GV number to make and receive unlimited voice calls.

You can also make free calls using your Google Voice account without using any computer or internet connection. Just configure your phone with your account and activate the Call Presentation feature. Then simply dial Google Voice number followed by a press of 2 and then dial the destination number.

Google Voice also offers standard call screening option and hence you can very easily screen unwanted callers. In call transfer feature is also a very nice feature, in which you can transfer any incoming call to any registered Google Voice number. Also by just pressing 4, will enable recording of your calls and you can use them later for reference too. So overall it is a wonderful application and should be used for doing unlimited voice calling.

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