Smart VOIP Review

Smart VOIP Betamax Service ReviewSmart VOIP service is yet another service of Dellmont/Betamax. This service is old but they offer calls at low rates, especially for countries like UK, US, Canada, China, Singapore and Algeria.

They also offer freedays to call following countries free of cost for 90 days after payment:
Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Portugal, Moscow, St Petersburg, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States

The money in your account never expires and there are no hidden charges like connection fee or account maintenance fee.

You can use SmartVoip from mobile device, GSM Mobile, Fixed Phone or from your computer. Smart Voip provides softphone for computer and mobile apps for devices like android, iphone, ipad, windows mobile, and Symbian phone that can be used to make calls easily from your computer and smartphones. .

For making calls through Fixedphone and GSM mobiles, you can call the local access numbers and then make the calls. Please note that local access numbers are not available in every country so do check the availability of smartvoip’s local access numbers in your country. You can check this from their website Here Toll free access numbers are not available.

If you don’t want to use official softphones and mobile apps in your computer and mobile device, then you can use any SIP phone. SIP Settings are given below:

  • SIP port : 5060
  • Account name : Smart VOIP username
  • Password : Smart VOIP password
  • Registrar :
  • Outbound proxy server : empty
  • Proxy server :
  • Display name/number : Smart VOIP username
  • Stun server (option) :

Smart Betamax service is one of the lasting VOIP services. One reason for their popularity is their loyalty in service.  Just try Smart VIOP service today, you can feel the different from the first use itself.

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  1. Sunil
    September 13, 2013 at 4:11 am #

    i have been using smart viop since last year.however, since last month most of my calls i am ringing have been diverted to somebody else number. kindly try to improve your service.

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