Simple Call – VoIP Review

Simple Call - VoIP ReviewWith this new communication service provider, named Simple Call, you can keep your phone cards aside and utilize this simple solution to global communication needs. This provider is basically UK retail and falls under Zamir Telecom, a well known International Telecoms company. With Simple call, just dial a local number and get yourself talking to your friends, independent of his current location. The CLI, i.e, the Caller Line Identification, is completely PIN less and hence even without entering the PIN number, you will get recognized by the system.

You can register as many numbers, and start making calls freely to any of them and also you can use any phone to access your account with Softphone, IP phone etc. Also with Simple call, just use your PIN number to access your account when you are travelling and get rid of any roaming charges. With a great crystal clear sound quality you also get pay per second plan, so that you need to pay just what you use. Equipped with specials offers like, recharge of 20 pounds or more, will get you an extra 10%, this provider probably offers the cheapest calling rates and hence is worth trying.

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