Pingo Calling Card Review is a high quality voIP service provider. iBasis, the Parent Company of Pingo is one of the world’s leading international long-distance carriers and their service is exceptional. Most of the VoIP service providers comeup with promotional rates and free calls only for new customers but Pingo provides ongoing rewards, coupons & discount rate days. No wonder they have a great customer retention rate!

Pingo also offers very competitive rates especially for following countries:
Bahamas, Finland, Kenya, Peru, Yemen and Zimbabwe
So, if you have friends of family members in these countries then do checkout Pingo!

What more, if you subscribe to their service, you get a 10 USD bonus or something equivalent (As promotion keeps changing). However on the downside, Pingo charges 98 cents USD per month ass account maintenance fee. Other than that there are no surprises or hidden charges in this service. You can check call rates for your country by looking at the Price Comparison category of this blog.

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