Now Enjoy Video Chat With Facebook

Video Chat With FacebookMost of us have heard about the fact that you can chat on Facebook, but did you know you can also video chat? It’s actually a feature that’s been available for quite some time now but not a lot of people seem to know it’s there, let alone use it. The thing that’s so great about it is you get to make all your phone calls directly from your Facebook page. You’re able to see the person you’re speaking to, if you both have webcams, and if one or both of you does not have a webcam, then you’re call will be strictly a voice call. To make sure video calling is enabled on your Facebook account, go here. There is a simple one-time setup walkthrough located there.

To make a phone call, simply go to the person’s profile which you are trying to call. At the top right of the screen you’ll see things such as Message, Subscribe (etc). Along that same line, you’re going to see a button that says Call. Click there to begin.

An easy and simple way to see if a friend has Facebook calling is to open a chat window with them. On the right side of that mini pop-up window, there should be a picture of a camcorder along with an ‘x’ that allows you to close the window and a tools icon containing various options. When you click on the camcorder icon, you’ll be able to begin the call.

What makes it very nice is the fact that all calls are free and there is no limit to the amount of time you can spend on a call. Gotta love free calling, right!? So, if you haven’t already, go ahead and make your first call. I think you’ll fall in love with it right off the bat. Facebook just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?

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