Nimbuzz – A new VoIP Player

NimbuzzThe VoIP market is a very lively one. Every now and then new players enter the competition. Then they try to take out a bite out of the cake. Various VoIP providers make tactical moves to beat the opponents in the market. Companies like Betamax increase the call rates of their own sister services to make way for a new launch. In the process, a lot of providers forget to answer the queries or troubles of the customers! Moreover they get so engrossed in the aggressive marketing of their services that the call quality always goes down. These are the reasons behind the everlasting instability in the VoIP market. Nimbuzz must work in these areas to emerge out as a better alternative compared to the others.

Nimbuzz VoIP has come out with a latest offer called NimbuzzOut. This will allow Nimbuzz users to buy pre-paid bundles. These pre-paid bundles ca be used to make low cost international calls in VoIP mode. The calling facility will be available to both landline and mobile numbers. As per the company sources NimbuzzOut is the first operation from its side to generate revenue. It has been launched as to fulfil demands of the existing user base. There will be six pre-paid bundles namely
• Bundle of USD 10
• Bundle of USD 20
• Bundle of USD 40
• Bundle of EUR 10
• Bundle of EUR 20
• Bundle of EUR 40

Nimbuzz application can be downloaded free of cost. You can make free calls to other Nimbuzz users.

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