MetroPCS: An Honest Review

MetroPCS ReviewMetroPCS is a comparatively new VoIP service provider but is yet to make a mark in global market, especially to Indian markets. If you are a native of USA, you must be satisfied with the service of MetroPCS, however problems have been reported regarding calling to specific Indian numbers. The problem which is very commonly seen in MetroPCS users is that it connects to any landline in India, say, of Airtel, Reliance or Tata Indicom, as BSNL line, as if taken by default. Also there are some issues with connection to mobile phones, that is, computer to mobile communication or any mobile connection.

However there are few tricks which may be used to take the most out of this service and eliminate these problems. Dial Indian Airtel numbers with prefix as 900 and Reliance GSM connection with 90 as prefix. There is yet another very big loophole in this system which can be exploited to make free or cheap calls to India. Dial any Indian number with 2nd digit as ‘0’ and it gets connected as MetroPCS treats them as landline numbers and thus establishing the connection. So enjoy this service now…

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  1. Frank
    April 11, 2011 at 11:19 am #

    I don’t know about calls to India since I don’t know anybody over there, all I know that everybody I know in Miami that has MetroPcs account is having too many connections problems since a few months ago and the problem is escalating. I am not talking about long distance phone calls or texting, just simple calls within the Miami area. However for all I have read, it seems that their problem is nationwide and it doesn’t involve other carriers. I’m thinking of switching carriers. Which is the carrier with the least connection problems? I am losing clients with these bad connections and with the economy the way it is MetroPcs is making it even worst.

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