Making VoIP calls using Facebook !!!

Cheap Calls To AlgeriaIf you search for the list of Social networking websites, you are bound to find Facebook on the top. But to contact or talk to your buddy, you need to give them your contact number and call on phone, which will also add worry in your telephone bills. So is there any way by which you can talk to your friends free of cost?

Fortunately, the answer is ‘yes’, as 8×8, Inc has recently launched a free Facebook application which can be used for free IP communications. But the disadvantage is that, till now this facility works for US only but you can call any US local number absolutely free of cost, keeping the calling number 100% confidential so that your friend can’t see your actual number.

To activate this service, just login your Facebook account and look for 8×8 Connect application. Then click on “Go to Application” button, follow some simple settings and then a ‘Call me’ button appears on your Facebook home screen which can be used by your friend to make calls to you, as simple as that, and this also protects your number from being displayed to your friend too.

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    July 4, 2010 at 12:14 pm #

    hi i am very good bo

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