Make unlimited free calls to USA and Canada

Make unlimited free calls to USA and CanadaIf you own an Apple iPhone of any generation, then this article is going to show you how to use VoIP services from just a mobile handset. This facility is popularly known as mVoIP or mobile VoIP. For using this service you need to have iCall, which is one of the various applications of iPhone and this application makes mVoIP possible.

To use this service you just need two fundamental things. The first basic thing required is an iPhone and practically any generation will work. The next important requirement is a good high speed internet connection. Though it is said by manufacturers that it would work on only 3G/EDGE network, but it has been tested on Wi-Fi and it works fantastic. Now once you have these basic requirements, you can start accessing the service by the following steps. First of all the iCall iPhone app needs to be downloaded, which is available free of cost from the iPhone application store. Then you may be required to authenticate yourself before creating an account, after that just following the regular steps will create your iCall account.

Once you get access to your account, you can just use the dialer for making unlimited free calls to USA and Canada. But keep the thing in mind, the free calls is only applicable when you dial the number in international format, like 001 (888) 888-8888. But in order to avoid manually dialing the number every time you make a call, just save the number in your address book with a name you can easily recognize.

The voice quality of this service is very good, but it depends entirely on the strength of the internet connection you are using. The thing which makes this service different is that, even non- US citizens can also access it. If you need to make calls outside USA/Canada, just buy credits which is also very much affordable.

So make the best out of you Apple iPhone and start making unlimited calls to USA and Canada from anywhere across the world absolutely free of charge!!!

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