Make Quality Calls from Mobile Handset using Myglobaltalk

MyglobaltalkEvery now and then the VoIP market gets abuzz with the entry of new service providers and lowered call rates. It seems that the VoIP providers always try to keep the market hot with some timely shots. But at the end of day the call quality and customer service decide the winner.

It seems that the various VoIP service providers have understood that it’s not quite beneficial to offer free international calls for a long time. That is why most of them are closing such free services. But Myglobaltalk has started with the option again. No doubt it’s a publicity stunt. But in the process it will benefit a lot of users who use VoIP services to make international calls. You might have missed the bus if you are not among the first 1000 of the subscribers. Moreover you need a Blackberry phone to avail the benefits of free international calls via Myglobaltalk.

Myglobaltalk is such an application which can be downloaded without any cost. With the help of this application the Android G1 Google Phone users can make cheap international calls to any part of the world. The call rate for calling mobile and fixed phones in India is $ 0.168 per minute. Myglobaltalk is a developed service compared to the other players in the niche. Moreover it is mainly targeting the wireless handset market. Other advantages of this Cheap International calling service is as follows:

  • It provides the benefits of a dual mode phone using the existing mobile handset of the customer.
  • No local access to the internet is required to use its services.
  • No proximity to any internet hotspots is required.
  • After downloading the application to your cellular phone you can directly make international calls from it.

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