Make Free Calls with Rynga

RyngaRynga VoIP can be used to make free calls in two ways.

1. To new customers, Rynga provides first call to international destination for free. To avail this service you just need to register with them with a valid email address and you can take advantage of this free trial call offer.

2. To those who subscribe to their services, Rynga provides a unique method to make/receive calls that may be called “almost free”. It works like this:

You first make an international call (Using Rynga) to your friend. Your friend receives your call through a number that is local for his country. As soon as your friend picks up the phone, you ask him to hang the phone and then call you back. During this period, you don’t disconnect call from your side and just wait for your friend to call back. As your friend calls back to the local number that was displayed on his mobile, you receive call in your country. Thus international call is made at a local rate.  Your friend may be charged for the local call if free local minutes were not included in his mobile plan. And you only pay for the short international call that you made for a few seconds initially.

So, its a really good method and one should take advantage of this method. If you try this, let me know how it works now..

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