LocalPhone Best Quality and Cheap Calls to India

LocalPhone Best Quality and Cheap Calls to IndiaLocalPhone is a strong player in the area of VoIP service. Moreover with its continuous journey in the cheap international call area it has become an attraction for a lot of users. This service provider has several access numbers which makes its task easier to go for providing very cheap international calls for months after month. A lot of providers stop giving out free or cheap international calls after the ending of the promotional period. But LocalPhone has stand out as an exception to this. It has increased its reliability in a huge manner of late for which we rank it as a top-notch VoIP service provider.

Recently LocalPhone has added 80 new locations in the US. Moreover they have gone for access numbers in 21 states there. Internationally, it has added a whopping number of 41 countries to its service base which is really fabulous. At present the company has more than 66,000 access numbers all over the world. Undoubtedly, one can rank it as the best VoIP service provider in terms of access numbers.

LocalPhone offers call charges of 1.8 cents and 2.2 cents per minute to make calls to mobile and fixed phones in India. The procedure to make a call to an Indian number has been detailed below:

  • The first step includes your signing to the LocalPhone service.
  • In the dashboard you can add your landline or mobile number. From there you will be calling the local access number.
  • In the next step add your target number.
  • In the next step dial the local access number from your phone.
  • Now the connection will be established between you and the receiver.

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