JoiPhone VoiP Review

JoiPhone VoiP ReviewIn the near future the VoIP market will see more fierce competitions among the various service providers. More and more people are switching to VoIP services to cope up with their cheap international calling bills. Moreover since the internet connectivity is a normal thing now-a-day so VoIP has gained a large market share of late. One can even find dedicated VoIP service providers who allow calls only to a specific country. This shows the competition and the inside tricks of the trade.

JoiPhone has got some very negative user reviews against it. It’s not sure that those have been sponsored by some competitors or are true in nature. While some are complaining against their customer service then some are talking about their malpractices to get more money out from you. There is no thing called refund in JoiPhone (according to users). So, be aware of the billing issues while using the JoiPhone service.

The various features of JoiPhone are:

  • Web and Phone Voicemail Management
  • Web Access to Voicemail
  • Local and Long Distance Dialling
  • 411 Directory Assistance
  • Voicemail Notification via Email
  • Web Call History Management
  • 911 Emergency Service
  • Low International Rates
  • Call Blasting- Simultaneous Call
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail Forwarding
  • Voicemail Forward to Email
  • Follow Me – Anywhere
  • Call Forwarding
  • Disable Call Waiting on All Calls
  • Voicemail via Phone
  • Area Code Selection
  • Password Management
  • Caller ID
  • Call Redial
  • Block Anonymous Calls
  • Custom Greeting
  • Voicemail via Web
  • Call The Last Caller
  • Music On-Hold
  • CID On Call Waiting
  • Cancel Call Forward All
  • Call Waiting
  • Unblock CID on the Next Inbound Cal
  • Hunt Me
  • Speed Dial
  • Block Last Inbound Call
  • Enable Call Waiting On All Calls
  • Cancel Accept Last
  • Disable Call Waiting for the Next Call
  • Enable Call Waiting for the Next Call
  • Block CID on all Outbound Calls

The various plans and products offered by the JoiPhone have been mentioned below:

  • JoiPhone anywhere –$1.95 per month
  • JoiPhone at $6.95 per month. It allows unlimited calling between JoiPhone customers. It allows free 100 minutes in USA. If you pre-pay for the whole year the rate will be $83.40. Otherwise $9.95 needs to be paid if you go for month-to-month service.
  • JoiPhone unlimited comes at $14.95 per month. The whole year package costs $179.40 but if you go for the monthly option the rate will be $17.95 per month. You can avail the benefits of unlimited calling between USA and seven other countries.
  • JoiPhone to the world comes at $16.95 per month. The 12 months package comes at $203.40 but the monthly option comes at $19.95 per month. It provides free 800 international minutes to 40 countries.
  • JoiPhone worldwide premium comes at $43.95. The 12 months package comes at $527.40 but the monthly option comes at $49.95 per month. It provides free 800 international minutes to 70 countries.
  • JoiPhone small business service comes at $29.95 a month. The 12 months package comes at $359.40 but the monthly option comes at $32.95 per month.
  • JoiPhone private hosted PBX comes at $49.95.

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One Response to“JoiPhone VoiP Review”

  1. ShawnG
    October 9, 2012 at 6:13 am #

    Last year I purchased service from JoiPhone. I installed it and it seemed to work ok. after about a month, I started to use the phone more and noticed serious quality issues. The line was staticy and would not connect half of the time. I contacted them and they wanted to send me a replacement adapter. This took about 2 weeks to coordinate and get in. It still was crappy. I asked for a refund and they denied it saying that I was over my 30 days, which I was , only because they wanted to send a replacement that took 2 weeks to arrive. I told them to cancel the service, but even though I prepaid for a year they would not refund ANY money. Here we are a year later and I have started receiving emails that I owe them money because they cannot charge the original card I used to pay for service. Thankfully it expired. I have contacted them and finally have confirmation of cancellation, but they are threatening to turn me over to collections for another YEAR of service… STAY AWAY from this shady company! Use RingCentral instead. They had no problem making their product work at my home…

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