International calls to India at 1.8 cents with PinlessWorld

International calls to India at 1.8 cents with PinlessWorldThe VoIP market has been crowded by so many parties that each one of them needs to innovate or show up something different and unique to survive. It seems that PinlessWorld. com has realized it pretty well. So it is providing cheap international calls to its user base via VoIP services. When other service providers in the niche are increasing their call rates regularly then by offering cheap calls PinlessWorld is trying to penetrate to a larger customer base for a long-term goal and profitability.

PinlessWorld is offering international calls to India at mere 1.8 cents per minute which is really fabulous. It stands out to be just 1.00 in Indian currency. This rate is lower than even the STD rates within Indian states. Moreover one needs to invest only $5 to register with the services of PinlessWorld. Overall the various features of the VoIP service provider have been listed below for easy understanding.

  • A call rate of 1.8 cents per minute to call to Indian mobile phones. Very attractive rate.
  • You need to pay only $5 to register or recharge your account. The amount goes up to $5.35 including the various taxes.
  • As the name suggests you need not enter the pin every time you dial the target number.
  • PinlessWorld has a massive figure of 515 local access numbers. With these you can make calls to India. By using these numbers you can complete the conversation with the landline phone too.
  • The account activation is instant and takes place just after your registration.

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