Inter VOIP Betamax service

Inter VOIP Betamax serviceImagine your dear ones are living in a different country. What will you do to hear their voice? Phone calls are the best way, but you have to pay good amount as phone bill. Inter VOIP Betamax service is apt for you. You can call at cheap rate to any country in the world. Betamax is one of the best service providers. Inter VOIP is popular Betamax service for years. Inter VOIP offers best service in the industry.

In 2009, they offer cheap call rates in India. Now call rate is 3.0 cents for one minute. It will decrease to 1.8 cents per minute. This offer will establish from 2010. Betamax gives all possible ways to connect the call. By this method you can call anyone in the world. Usually, service providers use methods like SIP, numbers etc. inter VOIP Betamax service uses all these methods. They operate with SIP for their SIP soft phone. Even they can operate with local access numbers from phone to phone. These are the reasons for popularity of Betamax among people.

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