IndiaLD VoIP Review Cheap Call Rates

free callsIf you are browsing for options of late to find out an internet telephony service to make cheap calls to India then IndiaLD can be a good choice. With more Indians shifting to the western region of the world, services like IndiaLD are becoming big hits among users of the VoIP & Calling Cards.

At present IndiaLD is offering five plans namely IndiaLD 3000, IndiaLD 2000, IndiaLD 1500, IndiaLD 1000, and IndiaLD 500.

There is a great thing about this service. One can add limitless lines to his account without any extra charges. Moreover if you want to send SMS to India then IndiaLD is the best option as it won’t charge anything to send SMS to India. Users from 12 countries can make calls using this service to 28 countries globally including the Indian sub-continent. After registering with IndiaLD one can share the talk minutes with his family and friends which is another unique furniture. With the Easy Dial option you can program 10 US numbers to make calls to India.

More good news for India callers! If you buy a specific monthly block of minutes then the company will offer you wholesale rates to make calls to India. With so many features the only drawback seems to be the voice quality.

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One Response to“IndiaLD VoIP Review Cheap Call Rates”

  1. Tom Fay
    March 26, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

    I like the idea of a very simple plan with no gimmicks or hidden fees when calling India. I think really has the best rate plan. It is simply 1.4 cents per minute to phone India. And no gimmicks so you always know you are getting the best deal in a calling to India.

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