iCall Offers 5 Minute Phone Calls For Free

iCall free callsDo you want to call your friends, family or kids in united states or Canada for free? If yes, then iCall.com has a solution for you! As long as you’re calling a phone (either cell or landline) within the United States or Canada, then you will receive unlimited free calls when using iCall. Keep in mind; these calls are limited to 5 minutes in length if you are using the free version of iCall. You’re also able to receive free calls from any phone in the world as well. Pretty amazing deal, isn’t it? With iCall, you either have the choice of using shared access numbers, or you can get your own personal number, which is going to cost a small fee. (See last paragraph for more options)

Currently, iCall Beta is available for your computer. You can also download it on your cell phone or click here for web version. If you choose to use the web version, there is no software to install; so it’s very simple to get started.

For those of you who are interested in increasing your call length, you can upgrade to iCall’s Total Access; which is currently available for both your computer and cell phone. The monthly charge is $9.95 and offers unlimited call length and there are no ads displayed. You’ll also receive a personal number for free with Total Access and your voicemail is customizable. To top it all off, you get even cheaper international rates when you pay monthly.

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