How To Configure SIP settings in X-lite

configure x-lite sipSIP, basically stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is nothing but an IP telephony signaling protocol which is used to establish, modify and terminate VOIP telephone calls. Basically SIP settings are all about the communication needed for establishing a phone call. In this article you will get to know about SIP setting for X-lite. Just right click on the X-lite window and then go to ‘SIP Account settings’. Although you can just make only one SIP account in the free version, yet you can make many accounts by considering other higher versions.

Now just click “ADD” and enter the basic details of the SIP account which you are willing to create. You can get access to a free SIP account directly from your voip service provider account, so you can use it directly in this case. The display name however depends entirely to you and it has nothing to do with network settings. It is just the name which you want your friends to see when you call them. In majority of the cases, the incoming as well as the outgoing servers are the same, but however in the case of Voxalot, you need to enter separate domain as well as proxy server address as the servers are not same. Now just click ‘OK’ and you should see the ‘Ready’ status.

Also, many voip service providers provide SIP setting sto be used on their websites like Smart VoiP & other betamax companies.  So go ahead and start making free calls now…

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