How Secure Are VoIP Calls?

How Secure Are VoIP Calls?VoIP technology is the biggest and the latest revolution in the field of voice communication. This is tremendously reduced the long distance mobile bills which we were till now forced to pay if we wanted to make long distance voice calls. With the availability on just a computer or even an IP phone and using the power of internet link, you can practically make any duration of long distance at very low rates or even free in some cases. However there is also a negative side of everything. In this case it is the security issues, as the base is the internet connection so we need to be extra alert as it can be anytime hacked into.

VoIP call is very much vulnerable to attack. Hackers can readily get into your communication link and the conversation with your friends or clients remains no longer private. Companies offering VoIP service should keep this point in mind that how much secure is their service. In order to prevent hacking and make the conversation much more secure, VoIP service providers much opt for several layers of security system which can be achieved by breaking or dividing the network in several secure zones and then adding firewalls or other security measures to each of them. Special encryption method should be used which should be kept highly confidential.

Internal traffic flowing is another fault which the company usually forget about. When more number of workers start using VoIP communication on a single channel, then security issues really face a serious threat due to this huge traffic. So like your PC which you keep protected using an anti-virus system, similar measures have to be applied for VoIP telephony too as it is not of server but of network’s concern.

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