High Quality 3-Way PC Video Calling- FREE!

oovooFor those of you looking for a great way to contact your loved ones at an affordable price, you’re going to really enjoy this offer. The VoIP company ‘ooVoo’ is currently offering 3-way video (and/or audio) calling free. This is a wonderful feature for businesses as well; allowing you to keep in contact and make sure everyone is on the same page quicker and more effectively than ever. This allows you to expand your business in ways prior to this service were next to impossible or very spendy. There’s something much more personal about being able to see the individual you are speaking to. So much can be lost in simple voice communications. Plus, we all know how expensive those can be.

If you have more people that you would like to communicate with at the same time, ooVoo has other options as well, which can be found here (Such as 6-way and 12-way video calling). Video messages can be shared with the people you are chatting with up to one minute in length and 5MB files can be sent at any given time. Also, the people you are chatting with do not have to be ooVoo members because the service allows you to make calls via your web browser instead to invite them to join your conversation.

Not only are you able to chat with the people face to face but you can also share information via text as you can with so many other VoIP services, and YouTube videos can be uploaded for a more personal experience as well. While there aren’t any phone minutes offered with this free option at this time, and there is advertising; if these things cause you concern, there are the other monthly paid options which can be found on the ooVoo site that was linked to above. No matter which option you decide to partake in, you will be offered stunning 720p HD picture quality so you will never miss a thing.

For those of you who have a website, you can embed a video chat room on your site to give people instant access, and no matter which chat option you select, there is technical support; either through email or live (depending on which option you select) .

ooVoo is not only available from your PC but is also available through your cell phone or tablet. This gives you even more flexibility and allows you to get phone calls even when you’re away from your computer. If there is some sort of business or personal emergency, you can be the first to know.

ooVoo is a wonderful tool for those of us who want to call a few people at a time but don’t necessarily need all the fancy features. Why pay for things you aren’t going to ever use or need?

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