Free VoIP SIPMany of us who has been using VoIP on phone have commonly heard the term SIP several times. But hardly any of us know even the full form and what actually it is. SIP is an abbreviation literally standing for Session Initiation Protocol. It is basically a signaling protocol which is commonly used for controlling different multimedia communication sessions for both voice as well as video calls over IP, which is using VoIP technology. Basically a TCP/IP based application layer protocol, its main function is to create, modify and terminate both unicast as well as multicaste sessions. Other practical applications of SIP include video conferencing, streaming multimedia distribution, instant messaging, presence information and even online games.

There are many paid SIP softwares available in market but why to pay for them when you can enjoy many quality SIP softwares for free! Some of the free VoIP SIP softwares are:

Xlite :

This is the best free SIP software available on internet. We have already discussed about it in this blog so I won’t write on it here.


This SIP phone provides a very user friendly and perceptive interface. The application is available completely free of any charges. All the features are enabled despite being free. So you can just install in your desktop and start using it freely, without taking any tension of license or expiration date. The remote extensions of the 3CXphone are comparatively easier, which thus grants permission for office to communicate with corporate phone system. You have also the ability to record calls just with the click a button. Some other interesting features include lightweight, fast, and compatible to all Windows OS, call transfer, multi call hold, supports many SIP profiles and many others.

Express talk VoIP Softphone

Express talk functions just like your telephone and allow you to make calls through computer. With this installed on your computer you can start making VoIP calls. Some cool features of Express Talk are voice and video calls between computers, PC to phone communication through a VoIP SIP gateway provider, caller ID and many more additional features.

So enjoy making free calls with these free VOIP SIP softwares today…

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