Free VoIP Calls -Types & Best Service Providers

free call pc to mobileWho doesn’t want to make absolutely free phone calls? Almost all of us want such a service. Good news is that there are several ways of making free calls these days. Free calls can be of three types. These are:

1. Computer to Computer or PC to PC
2. SmartPhone to SmartPhone
3. PC to Mobile

Computer to Computer Free Calls:

Making such free calls is easy and there are several services that we can use to make free pc to pc calls. Skype, Google talk, Yahoo Messenger, skype, etc are some of the popular names that offer this service.

SmartPhone to SmartPhone Free Calls:

With smartphones like iphone, android, windows mobile etc becoming popular across several countries in the world, it is now very practical to make free international calls from Smartphone to Smartphone using 3G or better internet connection. Such calls may cost you only if you don’t have unlimited 3G or wifi connection.

Fring, Nimbuzz, Viber, freephoo, skype, line, wechat, whatsapp etc are some of the apps that can be used to make smartphone to smartphone free calls.

Free Calls from Computer to Mobile

Again, there are several services that may be used to make absolutely free call from pc to mobile. However such free calls can only be made to a few countries and these calls usually are of a few counted seconds or minutes which when crossed, the call gets disconnected.

If you want to make such free calls from pc to mobile to western countries then you can choose from several free services like,,, or even Google Voice (in certain countries). However to make free calls to other countries, there are either limited methods available or there isn’t any method at all.

In the posts of this blog I will discuss various methods of making free calls to different countries one by one. However, generally speaking the best free calling service that covers most of the countries is Tuitalk and Evaphone are other services that one may try. The duration of free call is limited and it is different for each country. So, if you want to make free calls to your country then do check websites of these VoIP service providers to find number of free minutes available for your country.

Free CallsThere can be more ways to make free calls to your country and they would be discussed in separate articles of this website.

Free Trial Calls or Free Calls for Limited Time
Now, this is another type of free calls that are very popular and several VoIP providers offer such trial calls of duration upto 2 to 15 minutes.,,, etc are only few of the VoIP service providers that offer free trial calls. Some VoIP providers come up with limited time offers of free calls especially during festive season but these calls are usually are for a limited period. We do post such offers as and when a VoIP company offers them, so keep a watch on new posts on this blog!

Are these free PC to Mobile calling services here to stay?

It is difficult to guess but if we see the past then we see that many such companies like,, etc did not last for long. And services like 1800-3733-411, yahoo messenger, skype etc do not offer free calls any more. The problem is that its quite tough finding sponsors/advertisers interested in sponsoring calls in return of advertisements that usually don’t result in sales. Free Calls To IndiaAlso it is very rare that a person looking for free calls becomes a paying customer of that VoIP service. However, we believe that there will always be new entrants who will offer free trial calls and limited free calls with a fair use policy rider.

The Other Side of Story
While its tempting to try and enjoy these free PC to Mobile calling services; most of them are of poor quality and usually the time we spend listening to advertisements is more that the time we get to talk. free calls from pc to mobileSometimes the free talk time can be as low as 10 seconds and you can imagine such a short call duration would be good for nothing. The call gets disconnected as soon as free talk time is over and your conversation is left incomplete. So, such kind of service will only suit students who can’t pay for a quality service. If you are looking for quality PC to Mobile calls, then it is best to look for Cheap VoIP Calls rather than totally free calls.

Partially Free Calls
Some VoIP services offer free calls to several countries once you subscribe to their service. Vonage, Dellmont VoIP etc are good examples of such services. Even though VoIP companies name these bundled free calls as “Free” they actually are a part of service pack that you buy and the cost is included in price for the service. Also most of the times there is a fair use policy applicable and free days expire after 1-4 months. However, these are quality calls and there is no compromise on quality of service. So, it actually is a good idea to subscribe to such services.

Again, there are several VoIP services that offer such services and it can be confusing to select the best one. So, we have done a head on comparison of cheapest calling rates for different countries to help you select the best service to suit your need of making cheap calls. If there is a service that provides free calls to your country, we’ll list it as well. Browse through the category “Price Comparison” of this blog to find cheapest VoIP service for your country. Happy Browsing!

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    VoIP has helped to increase the ROI of the industry. More and more people have started adapting VoIP technology. Be it a small businessmen or an owner of the huge business empire, more and more businesses makes use of VOIP technology. According to a research conducted in USA more than 9 millions of people are using VOIP systems, for calling and this technology has brought people close globally. The best thing about VoIP system is that there are different kinds of packages available as per your usage and your budget. Generally VoIP Providers, give a "minute-rate" plans, which is just a small value say for just a $30 a month.

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