Free VoIP Calls to Romania

Free Calls to RomaniaI haven’t been able to find a service that provides totally free and unlimited free calls to Romaina, however I will show you few best options to make free voip calls to Romania.

Many companies call their service as free but the fact remains that nothing comes free and either one or the other calling party pays for the service or there is a fixed rental for service that provides free minutes for a set period of time.

1. Betamax VoIP: Betamax has many voip services and you will find atleast one out of them that provides best calling rate for each country. However, its tough finding which one of them is the best for making call to your country. So, we are here to help you with this. For calling to Romania, you should try 12 VoIP that provides absolutely free calls for 60 minutes to landline numbers across all networks in Romania. Once you have finished those 60 minutes, you will need to buy credits that will provide free calls to selected destinations (including Romania) for another 90 days. Once this free period is finished, normal rates apply (0.046 Euro including VAT). However, if you buy credits again, the free period is extended for another 90 days. You can of-course use the credit accumulated in your account to call destinations which are not FREE, but still very cheap.

12voip comes with a softphone that can be installed on a windows computer. You can also make phone to phone calls with this service. You can also use Xlite to configure 12voip.

2. Few Romanian Telecom and VoIP companies offer a service that allows foreigners to make free calls to Romania within their network. and Zapp Global Free are some of such services offered in Romania. As both are somewhat similar, I will explain only Zapp Global Free.

Zapp Global Free is basically and add-on service that can be availed by the subscribers of Zapp mobile or FixTel to receive unlimited free calls from their family and friends world wide. The charge for availing this service is 4.34 euros / month including VAT as on January 2011. Once you have bought this add-on, tell your friends and family members to register with and get their free Romanian telephone number and download the free VoIP softphone.

Once all of this is done, you can make and receive calls free of cost. Its only you who pays a fixed amount per month and then enjoy unlimited calls between your number and your family/friend’s free number.

The real benefit is that your family and friends can make free unlimited calls to you any time they want through the VoIP softphone as you receive calls on your regular mobile phone or landline phone provided by Zapp. But you can make free calls to them only if they happen to be online on computer. If they are not online, you can buzz them by giving a miss call on their regular phone number that could act as signal that you wanted to talk and that they should come online and then you two can talk to each other.

So, depending on who is willing to pay (person calling or the person receiving calls) and also based on your overall VoIP requirements, you can decide on which method works best for you.

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