Get $1 worth free talktime from

TamevoTamevo is a new concept of making VoIP calls where you use MSN IM client to initiate VoIP calls that are later processed by Tamevo. The calling rates they are offering are quite costly and therefore this service is not recommended for regular use. However, they are offering a free credit of $1.00 to try their services and this offer must not be missed. All you need to avail this offer is to register with

Inorder to register with them, you need to provide them your phone number along with international code for your country and your MSN ID in addition to regular information asked during registration. Once, you have registered with them, login to your MSN IM client and wait to receive a friend request from Tamevo. Once it has been added as a friend, you just need chat with it and type a phone number and it will first dial your mobile number and then connect to your friend’s number. So, you both talk to each other using your mobile phones. Your friends will see your regular phone number on their mobile screens and so they will not know that you are calling using the Tamevo service.

The same service can also be used to send SMS and Fax. Currently, they support only MSN IM clients. All in all its a must use free trail call service. So, go ahead and register with them and enjoy free calls worth USD 1.

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