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Free SMS IndiaSMS stands for short messaging service. There are many service providers providing free SMS India. They are g-talk, Yahoo messenger, MSN live chat, AOL, Twitter, Facebook, waytosms,, way2sms etc.  The list has numerous number of such websites.

Anyone who wants to send free SMS India just needs is to have internet connection, slow or fast doesn’t matter because the text doesn’t require any faster uplink or downlink speed like the sending voice over the internet. You need just a mobile or a laptop or your computer where you can access internet. Sending a free SMS India works the same way as dialing a voice call. What we need to do is first write the source destination code number and destination source code number and write the seven digit phone number.

You can easily log on to the and write your free SMS India. You will only be allowed to write your messages up to 80 words of free SMS and rest 80 words will be used by the as the means of advertisements. You are allowed to do free message a particular person only ten times a day. You can easily fool the system, logging by other email-id of yours and thus doubling your limited counts if you happen to run out of them. Just give a try to rest of them listed above.

Due to some security reasons these messengers are now changing their trend they earlier worked. They now ask the residential details and your password is sent to your mobile. Just imagine what if someone takes your friend’s mobile number and send threatening SMS to your boss without his or her knowledge!! Such messengers have become aware of the precarious situation on may go through under because free SMS doesn’t cost you anything. Such messengers need more security, lest any evil minded person misuses it.

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