Free Group Video Chat with Google Hangouts

Few Months back Google launched its new social networking website called Google+. It is quite similar to facebook as it has several similar features. But Google is adding new features to it aggressively and the latest addition is a “Google Hangout” that gives you the ability to make free group/conference video calls.

To get started with Google Hangout, you will need to install the Google Voice and Video plugin.  This plugin lets you use video in not just  Hangouts but also Gmail, iGoogle, and Orkut. Once its installed, you’re all set to start using Google’s newest video chat service.

Video hangouts let you chat with upto 10 people at a time. It’s the next best thing to everyone being there. If you want to have fun with a group of friends, Google Hangouts is perfect solution for that.

Once you have started a video hangout, other people can discover that you’re hanging out through a couple different ways. When you invite people to join a hangout, a post will appear in their stream telling them that there’s a hangout going on, along with all the people in that hangout currently. If you invite users who are signed into Google+’s chat feature, they’ll receive a chat message with an invitation to the hangout.

What more, it can also be used for business calls to coordinate plans like working on a project. The “Google Hangouts with Extras” support Shared notes and sketchpad, Google Docs integration and Screensharing. So software like logmein, Microsoft live meeting etc can be replaced by this new tool as it is improved further by Google.

So, We think that Google+ is just awesome for both personal and business needs. Have you tried Google Hangout yet?

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