Free Conference Service For India

sabsebolo Conference callThe creator of Hotmail, Mr. Sabeer Bhatia in partner ship with Yogesh Patel has started a new free conference service for India, where people (upto 10) can call an access number, enter conference ID and PIN and enjoy the conference facility without paying any extra charges for conference call.

This service is called “SabseBolo” or “Talk to Everyone!” Sabsebolo has LOCAL ACCESS numbers in over 6 cities in India. These are:-

Mumbai –  (+91) 22 39804444
Bangalore – (+91) 80 67224444
Delhi – (+91) 11 66194444
Chennai – (+91) 44 66894444
Hyderabad – (+91) 40 66244444
Kolkata – (+91) 33 66324444
The voice clarity is awesome in the conference and you get instant access from any land line or mobile phone. Its a great feature if you need to do a family discussion, business conference or just group gossiping. So, go ahead, register with them and enjoy their free conference calling service.

However, please note that you and your friends joining conference , still pay the regular charges for calling the access numbers as they are not toll free. Only the conference facility is free. You do not get billed by SabseBolo but you will be billed for regular call rates by your telecom company.
Other services:
Sabsebolo also offers a fax to email service where you can read your fax messages by email. There is a charge for this service. They have also acquired three companies with promising technologies. – Jaxtr Inc., Mobivox and Vysr.  Jaxtr is a well known for FREE mobile-to-mobile telephony and Mobivox is known for most advanced voice-recognition. As and when Govt of India lifts ban on VoIP, this company will definitely have some great packages to offer.
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