Free Calls to Pakistan

Free international callsIf you go back just a few months back, you will find out that calling your friends or clients in Pakistan was really the most expensive of all. So here is the good news to all Pakistan callers, that with the arrival of Rebtel Smartcall you can make absolutely free calls to Pakistan. With this smartcall feature, Rebtel is probably going to become number one in the list of VoIP service providers. This feature is basically a special service in which both the callers’ pays for just local calls, so that the international part of the call is not being charged, thus making it free.

So when you call someone in Pakistan, they will sustain or pay the local charges for the call and thus the entire phone call becomes absolutely free of cost form your side. Also the procedure is quite simple. When you call the Rebtel number to contact your friend in Pakistan, when they pick up, ask them to hang up and call you back on the number displayed on their phone while you wait on the line. When your friend calls back at the local number, the call is connected to your international number and you can talk internationally for free. You and your friend only pay for the local part of the calls to your regular carrier.

Apart from Pakistan, they are also adding more and more nations, so go ahead and try this VoIP service now…

Details of this service can be found by clicking here.

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