Free Calls To Malaysia

Free Calls To MalaysiaMalaysia is amongst few of those asian countries where one can make free international calls from other countries. The best VoIP service to make calls to Malaysia is Rynga VoIP. It is closely followed by Both Rynga and 12voip offer free unlimited calls to landline number in Malaysia to its subscribers. They charge around 2 cents For making calls to mobile/cellphone numbers in Malaysia.

If you know about a cheaper service to make calls to Malaysia at less than 2 cents a minute for mobile phones and at a better deal for fixed/landline phones, then do leave a comment below.

Service ProviderCall Rate LandlineCall Rate Mobile $0.003 $0.017 FREE* $0.02 FREE* $0.027 $0.0155 $0.0387 $0.016 $0.031 $0.01 $0.029 $0.0275 $0.0275 $0.029 $0.039

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