Free International Calls To Ireland

Cheap International Calls To IrelandMake unlimited free calls To Ireland from USA or UK or other international destinations using one of the following Voip services. We have compared their call rates per minute for your convenience.

Easyvoip offers cheapest call rate but also charges a connection fee of $0.039. Rynga, 12voip and voipdiscount offer free calls to fixed/landline phones for a fixed period of time (usually 30 or 90 days) each time you recharge your account (with 10 Euro or so).

Service ProviderCall Rate LandlineCall Rate Mobile $0.006 $0.092 FREE* $0.108 FREE* $0.139 FREE* $0.2309 $0.008 $0.115 $0.01 $0.149 $0.0215 $0.0215 $0.019 $0.185
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