Enjoy 7.5 hours free with Pingo VoIP

Enjoy 7.5 hours free with Pingo VoIPPingo is a popular company with billions of users per year. Initially Pingo had high rates for their services. Now they are going to lower price just because they have enough users. In 2010, Pingo comes with a very big offer. By this, you can call to any country freely for more than seven hours.  Pingo issued a calling card named ‘one buck’ for $1. With this card, you can call for $5. It is an amazing offer from Pingo. This offer aims at new customers.

You can use this offer from another phone. And you can call to anyone around the globe. Offers like this is, is very rare and useful for people who stay away from their family. The only requirement is to have a Pingo account with simple sign up. It is the best way to get some free minutes in a month. Other companies haven’t come with offers; let’s see what they going to give us. As for now, you can call and talk lavishly with Pingo one buck offer. No doubt, Pingo is the best option for free and cheap VoIP calls.

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  1. prem
    February 19, 2010 at 8:48 pm #

    pingo volp good offes i wand your conection.

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