Easyvoip Review

EasyvoipEasyvoip.com is a simple and straight VoIP service that comes with no free minutes but it offers cheapest calling rates for maximum number of countries. It is the only Betamax/Dellmont service that does not come with free calls offer. And this is an advantage for people calling countries that are never included in free plan of other betamax/dellmont services.

The credit in your account does not expire ever. There is no monthly fee charged but you need to pay a connection fee of 0.039 US Dollar on all Calls and this actually is a big minus for this service especially if your calls usually are of shorter duration.

You can use EasyVoip to make calls in four different ways:-

Use a local access number to make calls from Your Mobile or Landline/Fixed Number:
Access numbers are not available for all countries. So make sure to check on their official website if you will get a local access number in your country. Toll Free Access numbers are not available.

In this scenario, you also pay for local call to access number (from your mobile) to your mobile phone service provider unless you have subscribed to an unlimited mobile phone plan. A connection fee of $0.039 also applies.

Use browser window to make Phone to Phone Calls (Costs More)
To setup a call, EasyVoIP will first dial YOUR phone number. As soon as you pick it up, they will dial the other number and you can start talking.  In this scenario you pay for 2 calls. One to your phone and other to your friends phone.

Download and install Official Softphone on your PC
This is the best method  and cheapest method. You can easily download their official softphone and use it to make international calls.

Use MobileApps:
For those of you who have a smartphone or smart mobile device with 3G, wifi or 4G internet connection, they can download and install the official or 3rd party mobile apps for their iphone, android, symbian, or Windows Phone. These apps really make international calling very easy and convenient.

In this scenario, you also pay for 3G mobile or wifi bills unless you have subscribed to an unlimited plan.

Checkout EasyVoIP website for more!


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