Cut Monthly Telephone Bills with Yupee Phone

Yupee PhoneMost of us have to make long international phone calls and pay huge amounts to telephone companies for the same. But if you are looking for a way to cut your monthly billing costs to a great extent, try using VoIP services. Yupee phone is one of the various such service providers which are receiving great response recently. The service offers good voice quality with low rates of calling. Yupee phone offers two types of plan, “pay as you go plan” and “monthly plan”.

If you opt for “Pay as you go plan”, you are provided 30 minutes every week for duration of four months with just one time payment. The scheme also has no hidden charges of any other kind. However the main disadvantage is that is the call duration is rounded off to one minute. So that means suppose if you talk for 1 minute 1 sec, you have to pay price of 2 minutes. On the other hand the advantage is that your money never expires and it can be very easily carried on to the next month in case you haven’t utilized it fully. You also get 120 minutes free every month for making calls to landlines in around 55 countries, including India and USA as well.

Though there are no activation fees, however you need to keep a balance of $20, during activation and need to maintain a commitment of minimum $20 in every four months. The free minutes which you receive automatically after signing up, is entirely free and you don’t pay practically anything for them.

Special monthly plans are also there for calling unlimited to Indian landlines and mobiles. Just maintain a monthly commitment of $39.95 and enjoy free calling to more than 24 countries including India. So, go ahead and start saving money today!!!

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