Cheapest International Calls with Rebtel VoIP Service

RebtelRebtel has eliminated several loopholes which are prevalent in other VoIP service providers to establish itself well in the VoIP market. In just three steps one can make cheapest international calls via Rebtel. Those are:

  • Fill up the sign-up form in the Rebtel website and fill in your phone number to make calls. No PIN is necessary once you fill in your number there.
  • Enter the name and number of the person you want to call. In return of it Rebtel will give you a local number. In the future you can use that local number to make calls to that person.
  • Then you can use your own phone to talk to that number by entering the given local number. Rebtel will connect your call via internet.

You can make calls to more than 220 countries at present with the Rebtel service. They usually charge in US dollars. One thing must be noted here. In the rates they don’t include the local calling rates. So, you should calculate your call rate as a sum total of the international call rate of Rebtel and per minute cost of making the local call with your mobile phone.

Call rates to some countries have been mentioned below:

  • India – 1.8 ¢/min
  • Thailand – 0.8 ¢/min
  • Nigeria – 9.5 ¢/min
  • Ghana – 6.9 ¢/min
  • Bangladesh – 3.2 ¢/min
  • United States – $0.015/min
  • Canada – $0.015/min
  • Mexico – $0.010/min

Moreover now you can combine your Rebtel account with the Skype services too. Overall Rebtel is showing good signs of survival in the market with an upright position.

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